Friday, August 21, 2009

word is, waves come

A few of my surfer friends have let me know they think surf is a sure thing for today.So grab a a board and get out there! Sorry I can't get out there. Good luck you guys, and maybe next time for me!
Dan Schetter surf marquette mi surfingDan Schetter surfs Marquette MI


  1. This is so incredible and it's something I've wanted to do for years. Surf the majestic Superior in winter! Your photos are amazing! Who are these guys and how do I meet them? I need to meet winter surfers!!

    Emily Mitchell

  2. Hey Emily, I'm Brent Centracco, I live in Marquette and will be out surfin until the lake freezes again. Email me because the number of people riding that time of year drops heavily! if your drivin from out of town I'll be able to give you a heads up of whether its worth it or not. see ya out there!

  3. Hey Superior Lake Surfers, what thickness are the wetsuits you use? I'm learning to surf here in Chile, and I use a 4/3 with a hood (cold Pacific Ocean). I'm wondering because I'm moving back to Northern Minnesota soon, and would love to continue surfing.