Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surfing Lake Superior

If you haven't noticed lately, freshwater surfing is catching on, even on very cold Lake Superior, with an average yearly temperature of 40 degrees F. Favorite surfing breaks are becoming more and more popular all around the Big Lake, and no wonder, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. Here's a few of my favorites from the four years now ( wow-been that long??? ) of photographing mainly the Marquette MI crew on the south shore of Lake Superior. One of the local surfers here has been surfing these breaks in Marquette since the 70's, although the lineup has grown considerably in the past few years. Marquette surfers, if you are interested in contributing to this blog, running this blog or developing something for the Marquette surf crew, give me a shout(mqtphoto{at} aol.com) and lets see what develops. It would be nice to have an active U.P. forum with updated info,news,pics,etc,whatever..Hardcore,I'm talkinaboutyou- I KNOW you have some sweet vids.....
For a more in depth look in photos at the Lake Superior south shore surf scene,more links are at: Lake Superior Photo surfing index. For more info on the ©content of this page,go here.

Dan Schetter carving the peak, December 08

Mike Horton(or is it Tyler?can't tell) in a blizzard, December 08

Dan Schetter on the wave of the day with the Marquette crew, April 08

One could argue Mike Horton was on wave of the day as well April 08

Big barrel Lake Superior-this one and another of Mike and Nate ran in Canadian Geographic to illustrate Lake Superior surfing in Canada.

Mike Horton readying his "jet start"- head high?

Sharing the stoke, April 08

Mike Horton, master of finding the reform, April 08

Mike Horton surfing with a winter backdrop in April 08

Marquette Mi Crew and rainbow waves, New Year's Day 08

Headstand Dan getting a Lake Superior Neti at the same time, November 07

Matt Koss on the east side, November 07

Dan Schetter with Marquette Upper Harbor light in background, November 07

Dan Rapp encased in ice after an icy session, January 07

surfer unknown, 10-04-06- I do know he drove from Canada to surf Marquette that day.

same surfer unknown, 10-04-06


  1. thanks for throwing these up, can't wait to see the Grand Sable pics back up again, you suck
    !,, hehe just kiddin

  2. good ol' southern boyJanuary 17, 2009 at 7:12 PM


  3. just discovered your blog, great photos, amazing backgrounds for the waves and all the respect for the surfers... what's the water temperature??? :O



  4. azuldeultramar-
    wave temps vary but most of the time when waves are big during winter storms it's anywhere from 50F/Late Oct all the way to 32F/January. My last shoot I did this year right before the lake froze,(Jan05,2009) one of the surfers said he was lifting his glove to wipe ice off his eyelid and bible paper thin ice was coming up along with his glove, so they were surfing in water at or below freezing point(known as supercooled but not freezing because of movement).

  5. Great photos. Look forward to seeing you out there in a few weeks. Going to try surfing this year after bodyboarding last fall.

    I posted a link to your blog from my blog: http://coldwaterbeachbum.blogspot.com/

  6. lakesuperiorsurfingApril 23, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    Thanks gach

  7. Amazing pictures! I have been looking all over the internet and the photos you have on your blog are the best lake surfing photographs I have found.

    I was hoping I would be able to use one for an article I am writing on environmentalgraffiti.com. It's purely a non-profit, educational entry about saltless surfing.

    If you wish for me to take down the picture, I can at anytime.

    All credit will go to you and your blog.

    Keep up the good work!